Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upcomming Buys + Reasons

Oh herro.

I think I've secured a SNES and a N64 so that's pretty sweet. I've got a couple of emails being sent between a few people on the subject of Gamecube and Sega stuff as well.
But one console that I'm busting my balls to find is the Sega Dreamcast. Those things are still freaking expensive. I know there's lots on eBay, but damn, I'd like to find a decent deal before I splash out!

Now, some of you who are reading this probably don't understand exactly what's going on. So let me break it down for you :)

I want to collect heaps of old school gaming stuff for a few reasons. One obviously of course is to play heaps of games like in did when I was younger. Nostalgic value at its best! And now that I have more money, I can try games that I've never even played before! Another reason is that when I eventually have children (don't worry, not for a fucking long time), I'd like to be able to share my gaming stuff that I've collected over the years, and so we can compare them to their gaming equipment! And lastly, I love to collect things. So building up a collect of games and consoles and other crap makes for a cool hobby too!

Anyways, there you go. Now you can understand what Project Retro is in detail.


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